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Theory Test:


Before you can apply for your practical test you must pass your theory test. The theory test is made up of two parts:


The first part is 50 multiple choice questions out of which 5 questions will be related to a particular scenario. You need to answer at least 43 correctly.


The second part is a hazard perception test which includes 14 video clips. Each clip contains a minimum of 1 developing hazard and you will be marked on your response to these hazards. The earlier you spot the hazard the higher your score. The maximum mark for each hazard is 5 points. To pass the hazard perception test you need to score at least 44 out of 75.

All of my students benefit from completely free access to the entire DVSA practice question bank and tests for both the multiple choice sections and the hazard perception test! Available on PC,iOS & Android devices, click the banner below to find out more!


Click on the DVSA logo below to find out more about booking your Theory Test.

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